Leslie Gascoine Trampoline Branding

"At Trampoline we've worked with Erin for over five years and have always found her casting to be bang-on. She goes over and above the call of duty to find the right talent based on our parameters. We'd highly recommend her work."

Cyrille Loreau Creative Consultant, Quebec Film & Television Council

"In the many years that I have known Miss Hennessey, I can clearly state that her work ethic has always been without reproach. the attention she devotes to her client's needs are without a doubt the best in the industry. Miss Hennessey sets a new standard everytime she takes on a project, not only in her work ethic but in her ability to be creative when the occasion demands it and mindful of all the factors involved when casting, whether it be financial or time constraining. Her unique ability to size up the client`s needs are above all other casting agents I`ve worked with. She has a vast network obtained from years of experience and her talent lies in her ability to achieve results where many others fail to do so. Miss Hennessey`s involvement in my projects, whether they be film or television let`s me know that I can walk away from this particular task and be completely assured that the work will get done as specified and on time. In our field that is what is most appreciated and valued. Erin delivers the goods everytime. No exception!"

Jeff Fish Filet Post

"How to herd cats: step 1) Hire Erin Hennessey. Step 2) stay the hell out of the way. Erin's reputation for managing people, places, things and at times ME is beyond exceptional. I'm the kind of person that craves options and variety and Erin over-achieves every time. Her personal touches combined with her electronic efficiencies and her near instant response time to any query make her an asset to any production. Did I mention she's really nice and damn cute?"


"If you need the job done on time and on budget Erin is the one to call."

Jeff Simpson Art Director, Extreme Group

"Erin is pleasure to work with. She understands the crazy needs of her clients and delivers time and time again. She has a in depth knowledge of her business and industry. I have worked with Erin on many occasions and highly recommend her."

Allan Carver Owner, Underdog Ideas & Communications

"In marketing and advertising, a strong idea and script is nothing without the right talent. On every single occasion where I've needed the right person or personality to breath life into an idea, Erin delivered the one I've needed. No small feat. She understands what I'm looking for, what the idea and/or script calls for, and knows the talent pool so well that she can quickly make a short list of all stars. Being able to present to my clients a variety of strong talent allows me to choose the exact right person we need."

Margaret MacQuarrie Owner, Wordperson Inc

"My team and I were blown away by Erin's creative contributions to our project. We thought we needed a simple casting job; she showed us how to turn the casting itself into a promotional opportunity. On top of that, she's energetic, positive, tireless, and a heap of fun to work with. I've had casting companies leave me hanging in the past, or fulfill the minimum requirements, then stop giving a damn. Erin gives a damn. Every casting job I have from now on goes to Erin."

Jon McGinley Director of Marketing, Radian6

"Erin is simply amazing at what she does. She makes the impossible possible, pulls rabbits out of hats and does it all with a smile (or at least a 'you're kidding me, you want what and when?' kind of grin). If you need talent (or you want to become talent), advice or simply a sounding board for your ideas then Erin is who you should be talking to."

James Ingram Owner, Jive Photographic

"Erin is extremely forward thinking in her approach to solving clients needs. In this way she often adds value to an idea or concept, she gets it. She is hard working, ethical and a joy to work for, and oh ya, really funny."